The Education, Training and Lifelong Learning Core  (ETLC) will serve as a provider, creator, and disseminator of cutting-edge educational and training materials and opportunities related to aging, particularly among urban, diverse populations, for all of Silberman Aging’s many stakeholders, including students at all levels of training, paraprofessionals, older adults and their caregivers, and service providers from multiple disciplines.  All its educational activities will model Silberman Aging’s core values of collaboration, community capacity-building, and promotion of social justice.

 Core Objectives:

  • Assess the training needs of our broad range of stakeholders: BSW, MSW, and Ph.D. students, Post-doctoral fellows, community partners, direct care workers, faculty, older adults, family caregivers.
  • Develop and disseminate a range of educational programs addressing identified needs employing formats that are relevant and accessible to stakeholders.
  • Organize and offer to our stakeholders existing educational and training material relevant to aging, particularly as it relates to diverse, urban populations.
  • Pursue external funding for training initiatives that advance Silberman Aging’s mission.
  • Develop partnerships across disciplines and departments within Hunter College and CUNY, and with institutions throughout New York City and beyond, to develop and present the most up-to-date, relevant information for addressing the needs of diverse, underserved older adults in urban environments.
  • Encourage knowledge generation and dissemination by supporting training and education programs showcasing our stakeholders’ work and experience.
  • Support the work of Silberman Aging through lectures and trainings on a variety of topics relevant to each Core, from training on Critical Participatory Action Research, to the impact of the PPACA on older adults, to use of technology in education.
  • Promote Silberman Aging’s knowledge-generation and policy advocacy through a biennial conference highlighting Center-community work.