Nancy Giunta, PhD, MSW

Director, Policy and Communications Core

Dr. Giunta, Assistant Professor and Hartford Scholar (2009-2011), has substantial social work practice experience with inter-organizational partnerships and has implemented innovative interventions to improve older adult service systems. Since 2009, Dr. Giunta has served as a facilitator of a national network of community partnerships (formerly funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) that work together to improve local long-term supportive service delivery systems. She has recently begun working with the network of community partnerships to undertake a participatory action research project, and has participated with New York Housing Authority, the NYC Department for the Aged, and a local settlement house on a project in East Harlem to impact social isolation among older adults. She has recently completed a study (funded by a Hartford Faculty Scholar award) examining the characteristics of a consortium model to deliver case management services. She represents Hunter College as the program evaluator with the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging, funded by the Administration on Aging and the Retirement Research Foundation, and is co-editor of a special issue of the Journal of Gerontological Social Work on LGBT Aging, to be published in January 2014. Dr. Giunta serves as a Faculty Associate at the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College and is a member of the Gender and Public Policy Workgroup. She and colleagues recently received a Faculty Innovations for Technology and Teaching award for which she is coordinating the integration of innovative interactive technology into the SSSW foundational skills class. Finally, Dr. Giunta is the liaison for the newly established policy interest group among the Hartford Geriatric Social Work Initiative alumni.