Guides and Directories

The East Harlem Latino Health Community Resource Guide was created to help Latinos in El Barrio, NY find resources available to help with many of life’s issues, especially health care.

The guide is organized into different sections to help you find the services you need. You can also reach staff at the Institute for Family Health at 212‐423‐4500 ext. 4754 and they can help connect you to an insurance navigator and/or a healthcare provider that will take care of you on a regular basis.

  • HITE | Health Information Tool for Empowerment

HITE is a FREE online resource directory for social workers, caseworkers, discharge planners, and other information and referral professionals that helps to connect New Yorkers with over 5,000 free and low-cost health and social services.

Aunt Bertha is a FREE online resource database that provides a comprehensive online directory of social service organizations across the country.

Senator Liz Krueger represents NY Senate District 28. This guide is updated biannually and provides information on many city and statewide programs and services available for older adults.

New York State provides a wide variety of services that can assist individuals. This guide is intended to provide a general overview of these programs and services.


Reports and Issue Briefs

  • Elder Justice: A John A. Hartford Foundation Change AGEnts Issue Brief, February 24, 2016
  • Dementia Care: A John A. Hartford Foundation Change AGEnts Issue Brief, February 11, 2016