Courses offerings that may be taken to meet the course requirements for an Aging specialization include:

  • SSW 702.13 Women and Social Welfare Policy
  • SSW 702.16 Social Work with the Homeless: Implications for Policy and Practice
  • SSW 702.17 Social Welfare Policy in the Field of Aging
  • SSW 702.18 Seminar in Social Welfare Section 1: Changing the Parameters of the Possible: Bringing Human Rights Into Social Welfare Policy
  • SSW 702.22 International Social Welfare Policy and Services
  • SSW 713 HBSE III (Adults and Older Adults)
  • SSW 724 Social Casework IV: Family Treatment; Brief Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • SSW 735 Group Work for Non-Majors (Project must be in Gero)
  • SSW 770 Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Social Work Practice
  • SSW 775.01 Ways of Knowing: Aging
  • SSW 775.12 Ways of Knowing: Drugs and Alcohol
  • SSW 791.57 Social Work with Victims of Violence against Women
  • SSW 791.76 Social Services to the Gay & Lesbian Community
  • SSW 791.89 Perspectives on the Aging Process: Implication for Social Work Practice
  • SSW 794 Social Work Practice: Family Treatment
  • SSW 796.60 Clinical Issues in Social Work Practice with the Aged
  • SSW 797.01 Clinical Social Work Practice in Health Settings
  • SSW 791.58 Human Sexuality